Is it natural to believe in the Bible?

If we define God as this grand, stupendous process of which we are part, and towards which both artist and scientist alike have a certain fascination, I would say that it is pretty unnatural to not believe in God. As it would presuppose a disbelief in the Universe.

However, if God is defined as a vindictive fatherlike symbol, I would suppose a healthy scepticism is not completely out of place. To question the veracity of scriptures from the Bible in this case is probably very healthy, as I think it’s a mistake to believe that the Bible has scientific value, as a “in fact” representation of outer reality.

If we allow ourself to see the Bible as rather dealing with interiorities, and a poetic attempt towards coming to terms with the perilousness and grandeur of our life and place in the Universe, I think denying those internal revelations, or “evidence” if so will, to be a terrible mistake.

So in summary, I think it’s unnatural to not believe in the Bible as poetry, but fairly unnatural to believe in it as a scientific description.

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