Why God lets hell exist

We live in hell when we blame ourselves for all kinds of things.

When we blame ourselves we are in pain.

When we are in pain we try soothing ourselves in all ways imaginable including various addictions and abuse.

When judging and blaming ourselves we must ask if it’s just our own opinion or everyone else’s, or more importantly; is it the opinion of God and the Universe (whatever we want to call this evolutionary process of which we are part).

If we are lucky we realise that, although we blame ourselves and see ourselves as failures, we’re still awash with blessings like air to breathe, lungs, eyes, food, friends, sunsets, forest, parents, health, joy and laughter, dogs, cats, the sea, brothers and sisters – probably way many more blessings than misfortunes when we start counting.

That being the case we must ask ourself why we have all these blessings if we are so imperfect? Maybe we’re creating our own pain and misery in this sense, not God. Maybe being so hard on ourselves makes us pretty destructive, not only to ourselves but also to others and the planet.

Maybe all these blessings is Gods (or the Universes) way of saying that we’re pretty alright, and that no one is perfect.

Hell exists when we fail to realize that imperfection doesn’t really exist.

When we can’t reconcile in our heart that all is perfect in the Universe as a creative and bountiful process.

Hell exists because it is we who choose to live with our face to the ground wining and whimpering in ingratitude to the magnificence that life really is.

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