Why people seek happiness

We seek happiness so strongly because we seek for ourselves so strongly. Happiness comes easy to a child, but as you grow up there is a growing sense of having lost something you’ve always had, yourself.

A wise person once said that

we’re not homesick to a certain place, we are homesick to a way of being.

And that way of being is yourself. And the further away you are from yourself, the more strongly you will seek happiness.

One of the first things we do when we realize that we are ‘far from home’, is to start looking for directions. Society, friends, family provide a lot of directions, but as most people are lost themselves, their directions take us even further away from ourself, not closer. Prestige, status, beauty, financial freedom, bigger cars, bigger homes are all things that everyone tells us will make us happy.

What we realize however is that no matter how much we follow these directions, no matter how much we indulge in pleasures (things external to ourselves), they don’t bring us lasting peace, and we aren’t any happier.

That’s when think that going the opposite direction will take us home. So we run away from society and all its demands and delusions, we starve ourselves of all pleasurable things of the world, to just sit quietly and breathe.

If we are lucky we realize that home is everywhere, home is where the heart is, it’s just that for so long you haven’t been in touch with it.

You also realize that there’s nothing inherently wrong with cars, boats, houses, wines, jewelry, penthouses and Kobe beef – as long as you don’t take them for directions home. These are just roads of life that lead nowhere, but with scenery and vistas that you may enjoy. After all, your home is in your heart, and your heart belongs fully immersed in the world where it can do some good, not away from it.

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