How to conquer your mind

Have you ever seen the show the dog whisperer with Ceasar Millan?

Your mind is much like the dogs in his show. Not calm assertive, dominant but aggressive, anxious, lashing out.

Dogs get that way when their master, or “packleader” lacks authority. The same goes with your mind. The master of the mind is the heart. If your heart lacks authority, your mind grows increasingly fearful and anxious.

What makes conquering your dog (or your mind) so difficult is that you think he is the problem, not you. You think your mind is the problem, not your heart.

Trying to control your mind without heart is as futile as an owner trying to control a misbehaving dog.

Like dogs, your mind finds peace when an authority steps in. A dog finds peace by being ‘calm submissive‘ to that authority.

Your mind needs to submit to the heart to find peace. Be its servant. Not its ruler.

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