How to live well, without “meditation”

You can live a very good life without meditating (as we have come to know the term). It is doubtful however that you can live a very good life without being meditative.

You see, there is a difference between ‘meditation’ and being ‘meditative’. You do meditation while you are meditative. The exercises you are familiar with in ‘meditation’ has the sole purpose to help you reach a ‘meditative’ state. Merely doing meditation therefore doesn’t necessarily mean that you reach a meditative state, you can naturally also reach a meditative state without doing meditation.

Actually doing anything many times hinders more than it helps. That’s because there is a natural pulse or rhythm to life, that can be likened to sitting by a small, clear brook in a forest and letting everything just be, or flow. Reaching this meditative state involves a process of letting go, and whatever helps us let go is what we refer to as meditation. And whatever happens after we have let go, that’s when we are meditative.

For some, as soon as they enter nature, read inspiring literature, write, journal, make love or run they become meditative. We all have our own ways to get to a place where we just let life be.

Closing you eyes and watching your breath therefore is just one path of letting go, of letting life be. But far from the only one.

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